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Stirling Hinchliffe welcomes State Government moves to strengthen consumer protection for residents in retirement villages and manufactured home parks

23 Sep 2017

The Palaszczuk Government’s moves to strengthen consumer protection for retirees living in retirement villages and manufactured home parks as part of its new Housing Strategy 2017-2027, has the backing of Member for Sandgate, Stirling Hinchliffe.

Mr Hinchliffe said over the past several weeks, he had personally written to affected residents across his electorate to inform them and canvas their views.

“It is essential our retirement living and manufactured home park laws are centred on fairness for residents and seniors.

“After consulting with residents, it is very clear that their rights need to come in line with the expectations of our community.

“We must ensure our Queensland retirees can enjoy peace of mind, by giving them stringent consumer protections they need and deserve,” said Mr Hinchliffe.

The Queensland Government has announced they will introduce laws that would:
• require simplified, standard contracts.
• require on-going fees and charges to be clearly declared upfront.
• introduce a minimum 21 days required to evaluate the contract before signing.
• make exit fees and payments and preparing a unit for resale fairer,
• implement dispute resolution processes, and
• introduce enforceable behaviour standards for village operators.

“The suite of measures are part of the Governments new $1.8 billion Queensland Housing Strategy which aims at making sure all Queenslanders have safe, secure and affordable places to call home.

Mr Hinchliffe also said people who lived in Residential Parks faced similar issues.

“We all know our seniors and retirees have contributed so much to our State over the period of their working lives, so it is only fair they can retire with peace of mind and security.

“The government will put in place a new, staged pre-contractual disclosure process, limits on rent increases, and minimum behavioural standards for park owners, staff and home owners,” Mr Hinchliffe said.

Mr Hinchliffe thanked those in our community who had contributed to the discussion, commending them on their advocacy.